Welcome to Go-Go-Deals, my staff and I will try to help you as best we can to make your experience wonderful and create a relationship of mutual trust that we are all far away and my shop is virtual.
So, first of all, let me introduce myself my name is Robert, I am 45 years old and I have always been a high-level electronics enthusiast as well as being a computer engineer.
From an early age, I wanted to have the latest generation of cell phones and electronics starting from the legendary Nokia of the 90s up to the first iPod continuing with iPhone etc. etc. etc.
This passion of mine cost me a lot because we know that in Europe these products cost a lot and even if you go around the various import sites, the maximum saving is 50/100 euros (to exaggerate).
And here, thanks to this need to have the latest generation products (I know some may think we’re crazy, but fans like me know what I mean), I got the idea of ​​the ideas.

A small buying group.

In the beginning, my friends, my colleagues, and I ordered the same product through the business contacts we use every day in Asia.
We noticed that the prices were considerably lower, with a ratio, which in some cases was 1 to 2 of the price sold in the European market and … why not, we decided to create go go deals, which thanks to my skills and those of my colleagues, as well as the large woo-commerce platform we showed everyone our idea.

The concept is very simple the more we are, the less it costs.

Our site does not excel in graphics, but it is functional to find all the products immediately even to people who are not geeks.
As you will notice, we deal with few products because, to ensure that there is a common interest, it is not possible to range especially if you have been open for less than 2 years (for that you need at least 30 employees and we are currently only 10).
Obviously, if you want the product immediately we have it but ….. at the list price which is much higher.
A striking example is the IOT Nebra router sold from 550 to 699, with the purchase group, once you receive the minimum number (50 people) you can have it at 450.
We are using the basic concept of wholesaling, the more you buy, the less you spend.
You have to keep in mind that underneath this simplicity there has been a huge amount of IT and commercial work to make everything accessible, but the rewards are noticeable.
And I will say one more thing, based on the surveys that we will send out periodically, you will be the one to choose the product based on the general preference.
Do not ask us for the moon, but we are doing almost impossible things with such success every day.
What are you waiting for come into our community you will find many friends who share your same passions …… all of us of the staff included.