What is Deposit?

Having the option to make partial payments for the products clients like (in backorder, coming soon or high-value), would help so much our customers . We are very attentive to the needs of all our customers, from the largest to the smallest and for this reason we constantly create suitable promotions to try to satisfy everyone or at least we try.

We have noticed, in this particular situation, that the market prices have risen significantly, thus creating discrepancies between the prices of the same machines purchased a year ago or a few months ago.
We, where possible, try, thanks to the whole team, to keep the prices as low as possible, while having a fair profit for us.

So we decided to create the Deposit option for few articles

In this way clients :

  • will pay only a percentual of the desired product and the total when the product will be delivered
  • clients can manage high-value item
  • if the product are in coming soon or back order, clients are sure 100% that the price will be the same once in stock.

This feature is applied to some high-value items, and coming soon products.
It is not applied to Group Deal Products.